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Trimax LLC.
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The people behind Trimax possess the necessary blend of technical and business experience to deliver top design solutions and market development expertise in the plastic and TPE industries.

Rob Banning  »   E-Mail Rob
Rob is the founder of Trimax and currently one of the managing partners. A mechanical engineer with 20 years of experience in plastics product design and market development for TPE and TPE components, he is nationally recognized for his expertise in multi-component systems, product design and manufacturing techniques. Rob has held technical and marketing management positions with Procter & Gamble, Sherwood Medical, Monsanto Chemical Co. and Advanced Elastomer Systems. He uses his in-depth knowledge of a variety of industries to creatively implement strategic market plans and introduces technical concepts and products for TriMax' clients.

Susan Banning  »   E-Mail Susan
As Manager of Trimax' Market Research and Administration, Susan provides a wide range of services for our clients. This includes market research, materials and process research for design projects, in-depth cost analysis on component designs and coordination of complete presentation materials for design clientele. An MBA with five years of experience in the plastics industry, Susan also is proficient in various product design software programs. She has been with TriMax since its formation, and previously worked in project management, equipment financing and cost analysis for such St. Louis firms as Citicorp Mortgage, Hussman Corporation and the Seven Up Bottling Company.

Walter Hargrove  »   E-Mail Walter
As Trimax's Director of Industrial Design, Walter and his team assists our clients in product specific trend evaluation, concept development, CAID modeling, and rapid prototyping. Walter's award winning designs have improved molding and assembly methods, increased sales and new market presences. In his 10 years of international product design experience he has satisfied the needs of clients from NASA to Pottery Barn.

Carl Howarth  »   E-Mail Carl
As Trimax' Engineering Design Manager, Carl brings us a diverse background in structural polymers with a commercial perspective. He holds a master's degree in materials engineering and has more than 10 years of experience in structural plastics and composite materials. He previously worked for LNP Engineering Plastics as an applications development engineer and developed a consulting business specializing in product design, development and analysis of structural thermoplastics and composites. Carl uses this experience to help TriMax customers identify and pursue cost savings and new design applications of plastic and composite materials.